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If you’re dealing with buying your home, a monumental investment, you want an experienced guide who knows the market and listens to your needs. To the wife, the patio area may be of primary importance. To the husband, berthing the boat may be the first priority. Audrey & Jill Singer gets in touch with these individual needs and works to satisfy them. A Realtor who knows what’s on the market saves the buyer time and energy that can be used for golf, shopping, dining, lolling.

Bob is a Professional Engineer who was graduated from the University of Toronto. Audrey has a degree in Psychology from Vassar College. They were the first couple to practice as a team selling Sarasota real estate. They sold their own real estate company that was the first to specialize in luxury homes. Bob is now retired.

Daughter Jill has been brought up in Sarasota on Bird Key thoroughly versed in Real Estate. Her BA was earned at FIT in New York. Jill worked through the ranks of RH Macy to become a Senior Executive. She has been successfully selling Sarasota's Upscale Real Estate for many years now. Everyone loves her logic, her way with people, and her tireless devotion to their needs. She is a professional par excellence.

Audrey & Jill Singer that gives you professional attention and advice. They’ve been successfully matching buyers to homes since 1973 always in the winner’s award circle. They have intense neighborhood knowledge, listen to your needs with care, and diligently and competently work for you.

People turn to the Singers for more than their experience. They also call Audrey & Jill because their warmth, caring, humor and professionalism make the buying and selling process a real pleasure.

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